Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is This Thing On???

I was planning on releasing Meant To Be in August. Somehow, I got moving on it and it came out in May. Way before I had originally planned.

Since then, things have been going very well. The readers have put the book in the Top 100 of Amazon Family Saga since about the third day it’s been out. I am so grateful and astonished that so many people have fallen in love with Heaven Hill Series. I know I love it, but you never know how others will react and I’m humbled by the outpouring of support I’ve received for it. Humbled and extremely excited!!

On the other side of that, there have been people who didn’t love it so much and I appreciate that too. I think it’s made my writing process better and I hope you see an improvement in the next story. Granted, there are going to be people that never like it, but I’m good with that. I don’t love or like everything I read either. I respect that maybe this just isn’t some people’s cup of tea.

Coming up, I’m hoping to do some local signings. Myself and another author are looking to do something in Nashville and hopefully in our hometown of Bowling Green. I hope that some people would be interested in that!

Looking ahead, I’m going to have Heaven Hill #2 out in August. Not sure of the exact date yet, but I’m shooting towards the beginning half of the month.

Other than that, I’m working hard on the 4th story and a new series that I’m calling Rockin’ Country. Take the lead singer of a Hard Rock Band and have him fall in love with the reigning Queen of Country Music. It’s been a thrill ride for that series too.

I’m interested to know what you thought of Meant To Be if you read it and I look forward to connecting with readers and fans alike. Thanks for accepting me into the circle and I’m hoping for a good ending to a pretty amazing year so far!



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